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united airlines name change policy

Things To Know About United Airlines Name Change

Printing the wrong name or have correction on flight ticket? A wrong name maybe creates issues during the check in process. So, if you get wrong name or typo on your flight ticket then correct it ASAP. In this article, you will get a full guide on United Airlines name change policy like what are the policies and how to correct your name on your flight ticket.

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United Airlines Name Change Policy’s Rules

United Airlines allows its customer to modify their name under some rules that need to be followed. Here, we give some points regarding the name change policy of United Airlines, please check.

  1. United Airlines only allows the name modification if customers have booked flight from their official website.
  2. The information on the traveller’s passport and the ticket should match.
  3. In order to complete the major modification, passengers have to provide legal documents.
  4. Modifications done in the customer’s name can be minor or major.
  5. All requests for changes have to be made in writing.
  6. Your right to these modifications is contingent upon the kind of ticket you have purchased.
  7. Name Change Fees vary on the type of modification done.
  8. There may be a restriction to the number of modifications that can be made on some tickets.
  9. Moreover, the passengers won’t be able to make changes after the check-in process.
  10. In case you book through travel agencies, then you must to the agents directly for the modification on your flight ticket name.

Types of Changes Allowed Under United Name Change Policy

Under the United Name Change Policy, travellers can easily to make changes and correct their personal information. Meanwhile, there are two categories under a customer change the mistake in their name:

United Minor Name Changes

In some cases, there are simple and minor modifications that don’t need any legal proof. Meanwhile, here are a few examples of name modifications that are categorized as minor changes:

  1. All misspelling corrections of 1 or 2 words in the customer’s first name.
  2. Changes made in the traveller’s last name.
  3. Changing the name in the booking to or from a Nickname.
  4. Modifications made on the titles or prefixes of the passenger’s name (such as Ms., Mr., Dr., and more)
  5. Switching the first and the Last Name of the traveller.
  6. Removing or changing an initial of the traveller’s name.
  7. Making Changes in the Middle name of the passenger’s boarding pass.

United Major Name Changes

Major modifications are done when the passenger wants to modify his whole last or first name. These changes required official documents for proof. Additionally, the required documents must show the modification done in the customer’s name. Here are the examples of Major Name Modifications:

  1. Fully Modifying the First or Last Name.
  2. Putting a middle name on the customer’s ticket
  3. Name change as a result of getting married or divorced
  4. The passport’s legal name changes, which causes the ticket to be altered.

What Documents Are Needed For Making Major Modifications?

The Documents that a passenger should submit while applying for major modifications to their name are:

  1. If the name changed due to Marriage, then the Marriage Certificate should be provided to the airlines.
  2. Meanwhile, if the name changed due to Marriage, then the Divorce decree should be provided to the airlines.
  3. For the modification done due to Legal Name Change, official name change documents must be submitted.
  4. Whereas, it also requires Identity documents that display the customer’s former and new names.

Ways to Modify Name With United Airlines Name Change Policy?

United Airline’s customers can correct or change their names in the flight reservations both online and offline. Additionally, these ways are for general reservations and Mileage plus Bookings.

Through United Airlines Official Website

Travelers can correct the misspellings or make changes to the name by the airline’s Official Website. With the given steps, you can easily change the name on United Airline’s tickets:

  1. First, visit the official United Airlines website.
  2. Go to the “My Trips” menu item and choose it.
  3. Give your flight details like last name and flight confirmation number to search your flight.
  4. When you get your flight details, follow the on screen instructions.
  5. Next, use the united name change option on the ticket to make the necessary adjustments.
  6. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation message after paying any applicable fees.

Name Changes Done By Mileage Plus Reservations

The Members of Mileage Plus can change their names with the following steps given below:

  1. First, Visit the United Airlines official site.
  2. Next, navigate to the Mileage Plus Program menu on the homepage and pick it
  3. Then, you have to click on My Account option.
  4. Sign in to your Mileage plus account with your Mileage Number and Password.
  5. After signing in, choose the reservation that requires changes.
  6. Meanwhile, the complete all procedures asked for the name change.

How To Do Name Change By Contacting Reservation Centre?

If the traveller is unable to make changes online, they can request the name change by contacting United Airline’s Reservation Centre. Additionally, with the number given below call the reservation centre according to his region. However, the name change request will take 2 weeks to proceed.

Region Contact MileagePlus Service Centre
The United States and Canada 1-800-864-8331 1-800-864-8331
South Africa 0214268058 0214268058
Australia 131-777 1-300-651-815
New Zealand 0800-747-400 080-673-503
Germany 06950-985-051 0800-663-7277
Mexico 55-5283-5500 55-5283-5500

Requesting Name Change by Mail

In case, the customer is unable to provide the official documents for requesting the Name Change. Therefore, they have to provide a notarized name affidavit showing the information about the changes. The affidavit can be sent by mail or the address – P.O. Box 1394 Houston, TX 77251-1394.

Charges for the United Airlines Name Change

For now, there is no cost associated with changing or correcting a name on United Airlines. However, a service charge may be applied for doing offline name modifications.

Meanwhile, this service charge varies on the type of modification and time of request for the changes.

Additionally, the service charge cost will be notified during the booking or the modification process.

Important Note: Customers can also connect with United Airlines through its social media handles. Additionally, they ask questions regarding the reservations and the policies of the airlines.


The name change policy of United Airlines helps customers with all kinds of modifications. Additionally, it makes quick fixes possible at little or no expense. However, Airlineshelp is an independent travel agency that provides flight booking, canceling, name change, and other services regarding flight travel.

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Meanwhile, for detailed information, passengers can check the United Airlines pages regarding cancellation policy, checking-in, and baggage policies.

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