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american airlines name change policy

What Is American Airlines Name Change Policy?

Changing the name on a flight ticket has now become too easy and quick, especially for American Airlines. However, it is crucial to know the American Airlines name change policy guidelines before you process name correction or change requests.

With an incorrect name, you might face issues at the airport when travelling on American Airlines. Therefore, it is a must to look towards changing your name on the flight ticket. This guide will help you gain profound knowledge on the stepwise procedure, types of changes you can make, and name change fees.

Terms And Conditions of the American Airlines Name Change Policy

Understanding the guidelines of its name change policy will help customers to alter their name on the flight ticket easily. Here is brief information on the terms and conditions of American Airlines; kindly read them.

  • All customers are eligible for a name change within the initial 24 hours of booking their American Airlines flight.
  • Moreover, passengers with a non-refundable ticket can’t change their name on the ticket. Also, they will not get a full refund of their amount when travelling under the non-refundable fare.
  • It is easy for customers to transfer their tickets from one flight to another before the scheduled departure. The fees can vary on the type of ticket you booked and when you are requesting for name change.
  • No passengers can modify their entire name. For this, they need to cancel and rebook their flight with the modified name.
  • If you want to make corrections on the American Airlines flights, you need to add a new PNR. With the same PNR, you won’t be able to make the changes on the flight ticket.

As per these guidelines, you can request for minor and major name change on the American Airline flight ticket. However, let’s understand what types of changes are acceptable while travelling with American Airlines.

What Kind of Name Changes Does American Airlines Accept?

There are various categories of name alteration requests that passengers usually need to do. However, American Airlines only accept a few types of name changes on the flight ticket, which are as follows:

Altering First or Last Name

American Airlines name change policy permits passengers to change their first and last names. Here, a condition applies, you can only change up to three characters of your name. Moreover, customers need to submit the relevant documents that have the exact name they want to modify on the ticket.

Changing Your Middle Name

Passengers can easily remove or change their middle name on the American Airlines flight. For this, you will get a new PNR for the same flight to make the changes to the flight ticket name. If you want to modify your name, you can contact American Airlines directly or your travel booking agent.

Modifying the Nickname To the Original One

Airlines provide the facility to delete or add their nickname; even passengers can change their nickname to the original one without any issues. To proceed with this request, you need to share relevant documents that should be issued by the government, like government-issued ID, etc.

Legal Name Changes

The legal name change request comes under the major name change that American Airlines’ name change policy allows. In case your reason for the name change is marriage or divorce, you need to provide the documents, including:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Or any other government-issued identification documents.

Ways to process the name change request to American Airlines

American Airlines name change policy guidelines provide three ways for passengers so they can easily proceed further. In this section, we will share the stepwise procedure of each one.

Online Using the American Airlines Official Website

To change name on the flight ticket through American Airlines official website, the steps are as follows:

  • The foremost step is to browse the American Airlines website.
  • On the homepage, you need to select the Reservations option.
  • Then, enter the required details to move forward with the process.
  • After that, click on the AA flight on which you want to change your name.
  • Now, tap the change flight to update your correct name.
  • For this, click the Edit button and enter your new name.
  • You will get a confirmation mail once your request is approved.

Through Customer Support or Offline

Another way to change the name on the American Airlines flight ticket is the customer support. If you want to proceed with this method, we suggest you follow the below instructions.

  • Land on the American Airlines official website and get their customer service number.
  • Call the customer service name and press 1 to get assistance with your current booking.
  • Press 2 and 3 for new reservation and baggage-related issues, respectively.
  • If you want to connect to the customer support executive, tap the 7.
  • After that, request the executive for a name change.
  • Provide them with your correct name or name with accurate spelling, and give the related documents required to process the request.
  • Then, ask them about the name change fee and other related charges. Pay the fee and wait for the confirmation mail.

Request Name Change At The Airport

While processing the name change request for an American Airlines flight ticket, you require your boarding pass to proceed further. At the Airport, go to the customer executive counter and ask a real person to correct your name. Show them your government-issued document if needed, and you will get a new e-ticket with the correct name.

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Moreover, you can also use the American Airlines Live Chat option to connect to a representative directly. That is all about the ways that you can follow to change the name on the American Airlines flight ticket.

Name change Fees of the American Airlines

Actually, there is no fee for name change as American Air lines name change policy permits customers to freely modify minor corrections, such as type errors, etc. In case you want to alter major corrections, you have to pay a fee, which can range from $25 to $200 and more based on the ticket type and route.

Type of Changes Fees
Minor Name Correction (spelling or typo errors) Free
Major Name Change Range from $25 to $200

As you can see, it is free for customers to modify small errors, but they need to pay some charges to make major changes. This fee can be different for each person depending on their reservation, time of request and route.

Summing Up

Customers who are willing to know about the American Airlines name change policy and procedure to change their name can easily understand with the help of this professional blog. We hope after understanding the above steps and information, you can successfully change your name on the flight ticket.

If you still need assistance in changing your name on the flight ticket, we recommend you to connect to Airlines Help (+1-888-918-5556) and make your process seamless. Moreover, you will also get 24/7 customer service related to flight booking at a cheap price, rebooking or cancelling the flight, and other issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a name change on my American Airlines flight ticket?

To request a name change on your American Airlines flight ticket, you will need to contact their customer service team directly. Or, you can request a name change online or at the Airport. Be ready with the relevant documents to modify the name on the flight ticket.

Are there any fees associated with changing the name on an American Airlines ticket?

American Airlines may charge a fee for processing name changes on tickets. The amount of the cost and any other applicable charges will depend on the specific circumstances of your ticket and the timing of the request.

What documentation is required to change the name on an American Airlines ticket?

Generally, American Airlines may require official documentation such as a marriage certificate, court order, or other legal documents to approve a name change request. Make sure to have all necessary documents ready when requesting a name change on the ticket.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I am unable to travel?

American Airlines name change policy usually does not allow for ticket transfers to another person. However, they may offer options for cancellations, rebooking, or other solutions depending on the scenarios. So, kindly connect to their customer service for assistance in such cases.

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