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Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

When booking a flight, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes arise. Due to this, we need to changes or cancellations our travel plans. Delta Airlines understands this, and that’s why they have a well-defined cancellation policy. In this post, we will clear your all doubts about Delta airlines cancellation policy 2024. Apart from this, we also explain you how to avoid paying cancellation fees if you purchase a non refundable ticket.

What Is Delta’s Cancellation Policy?

Delta’s Cancellation policy is a term and conditions that decide when people cancel their flight and get a refund or when they don’t. This policy depends on various conditions that we will discuss in this article.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy To Get Full Refunds

Here we give some points for what Delta airlines gives you a full refund when you cancel your flight. Please check them.

  • If you cancel your flight under 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • Airlines cancel your flight.
  • If the Delta airlines flight delay more than 120 minutes then you are qualified for the full refund.
  • If your passenger companion dies in such case you will also get a full refund.
  • In case of you receive a military deployment order suddenly.
  • If you have an fully refundable ticket.

Delta Flight Cancellation Policies

Every airlines has different cancellation policies. Here, we give some cancellation policies of Delta airlines, please check them.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

The first cancellation policy that we discuss is 24-hour cancellation policy. Delta’s 24-hour cancellation policy is one of the most generous in the industry. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you will get full refund without incurring any cancellation fees.

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This policy applies to all Delta-marketed and Delta-operated flights, including codeshare flights.

Delta Weather Cancellation Policy

If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather then in such case you will get a full refund of your ticket.

Refundable Tickets

Refundable tickets are more expensive than non-refundable tickets but if you have purchased a refundable ticket, you can cancel your flight at any time before departure and receive a full refund of the ticket cost. This offers you greater flexibility.

Non-Refundable Tickets

If you have a non-refundable ticket and want to cancel it then don’t worry you can also cancel it and get a refund. Although for non-refundable tickets, Delta airlines charges a cancellation fee but you can get a refund if you decide to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking.

Changes And Rebooking

If you want to change your flight, travel dates or destination, Delta allows you to make changes to your non-refundable ticket. But airlines apply change fee The change fee and fare difference will depend on your fare class and the specifics of your new itinerary.

To get any information about Delta airlines cancellation policy, call Delta Airlines help support number +1-888-918-5556 and get the best solution for Delta airlines cancellation.

Travel Credits

If you choose to cancel your non-refundable ticket outside of the 24-hour cancellation period, Delta may offer you a travel credit for the value of your ticket, minus any applicable cancellation fees. This travel credit can be used towards future Delta flights within a specified validity period.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee

The cancellation fee is depends on what type of ticket you have and when you cancelled it. There are three types of tickets which are;

Basic economy tickets: these tickets are most restrictive.

Non-refundable tickets: Such tickets have some restrictions.

Refundable tickets: Such types of tickets are most flexible.

Here, we give a list of cancellation fee for Delta airline cancellation, please check.

TimingBasic economy ticketsNon-refundable tickets within North AmericaNon-refundable tickets outside North AmericaRefundable/Flex tickets
Cancel Within 24 hourNo feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
After 24 hourNot allowedNo feeTicket cost will refund after apply cancellation charges of USD 0-500


Departure within 24 hoursNot allowedNo feeRemaining ticket value will be refund after minus USD 0-500Refundable

How To Cancel Your Delta Flight Tickets?

You can cancel your Delta flight using three different ways: by phone, online, and at Delta airlines sales counter. Here, we will tell you all three ways to cancel your Delta flight so that you can easily cancel your Delta flight without any hassle.

By Phone

If you want to cancel your flight using phone then you can easily do this. Call the Delta airline office of your city/country. You can also cancel your flight ticket by calling travel agent if you book your ticket from any travel agent.

Delta Airlines Cancellation Online

If you want to know how to cancel Delta airlines online then don’t worry here we give some simple steps by following them you can easily cancel your Delta airline tickets online.

  • Open Delta airlines official website.
  • Click on my trips.
  • Enter your confirmation number, credit/debit card number after selecting these.
  • Click on search button after entering your first name and last name.
  • Select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • You can also modify your flight if you want.
  • Choose flight cancellation by following the onscreen instructions.

This is how you can easily cancel your Delta airline flight online.

Best Tips To Avoid Paying Delta Airlines Cancellation Charges

If you want to avoid paying money on Delta flight cancellation then here we have some tips. Using these tips you can save your money and avoid paying Delta cancellation charges. Please check these tips.

  • To avoid Delta airlines cancellation policy charges, use Delta’s 24 hour risk free policy.
  • Buy refundable tickets. Refundable tickets helps you to save your money in case of flight cancellation.
  • Hold Delta medallion elite status like gold, diamond, and platinum. This will help you to flight cancellation fee waivers.

How To Request A Delta Refund?

If you confused how to raise a request for a refund then don’t worry, here we will tell you how to do this following simple steps.

  • First of all, go to Delta airline site.
  • Log in to Delta account if you have and select Find My Trip.
  • If you don’t have any Delta account then select My Trip.
  • After selecting your trip, click on the cancel flight button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for further.

Note: If you cancel your ticket within Delta 24-hour cancellation policy then in such case you  will get a different interface. A screen shot is given for your help.

delta airlines ticket cancellation
Credit: Travomojo

Please remember, when you cancel your ticket then you must fill out the form completely and correctly.

  • After submitting your cancel request, Delta flight check your request.
  • It takes typically 7 business days to return your money. The money will return in the same method that you used in purchasing time.

If you don’t like this process then you can use the toll-free number +1-888-918-5556. They will help you to cancel your flight ticket.

We hope now you have a very well information about Delta airlines cancellation policy 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we give some frequently asked question that will help you to find out your questions answer. Please check them.

If you cancel your ticket within Delta 24-hour cancellation policy then it is fully refundable. For this you don’t need to pay no fees.

 To cancel your Delta airlines ticket you can use the toll-free number +1-844-480-0252. The representative will help you to cancel your Delta flight ticket.

 If you cancel your ticket within the Delta 24-hour cancellation policy or get a full refundable ticket then you can cancel your ticket with no charge or cancellation fees.

Yes, Delta customer service is available 24/7.


The ticket cancellation fee is depends on what kind of ticket you have and distance of your journey.


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