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frontier airlines cancellation policy

What Is Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Know All About Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

Imagine you are traveling on Frontier Airlines, and you encounter unexpected circumstances, like a sudden change in your scheduled plan, at the airport. In that case, you decide to cancel your flight, but you are not eligible for a refund, and a higher cancellation fee is applied. That is why it would be better to know the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy guidelines before traveling to avoid such scenarios.

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We are aware that every airline has its specific guidelines that you need to follow when traveling on the flight. However, a few customers find it a bit complicated and want a simple guide to understand the policy effectively. Then, you do not need to worry about that, as this professional guide will explain the step-by-step process, fees, refund eligibility, and essential guidelines of the Frontier cancellation and refund policy.

Frontier Airlines’ Ticket Types And Their Cancellation Guide

Passengers will have four types of ticket options to book their flight. Also, the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy has a specific guide on each ticket class, which we are going to learn in the following section.

Basic Ticket

Basic ticket class is one of the cheapest tickets of Frontier Airlines, having a simple cancellation policy. If you cancel your ticket within the initial 24 hours of booking, you will get a full refund of the amount. However, to freely cancel the ticket, you have to make sure that the ticket has been booked at least seven days before the scheduled departure.

24-hour free cancellation: You will get a full refund if the cancellation is done within the first 24 hours of booking. (The ticket booking should be seven days prior to the scheduled departure).

After 24-hours cancellation: In case you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of booking, the fees will apply depending on when you are requesting cancellation.

Economy Ticket

If you talk about the economy fare class, it is more flexible as compared to the basic one. You can also cancel the flight under this fare class within the initial 24 hours of purchasing. Moreover, the condition to cancel the ticket for free is your ticket booking should be made seven days prior to the flight departure.

24-hour free cancellation: You will get a full refund if the cancellation is done within the first 24 hours of booking. (The ticket booking should be seven days prior to the scheduled departure).

After 24-hour cancellation: Customers need to pay a fee for flight cancellation after 24 hours. However, the cancellation fees will be lower as compared to basic tickets.

Premium Ticket

Frontier Airlines’ premium ticket offers better features and more flexible cancellation options to the passengers. Also, you need to pay a fee upon canceling the ticket after 24 hours of booking your Frontier Airlines flight. Most importantly, the 24-hour free cancellation guidelines are the same as other fare classes.

Business Ticket

Business ticket from Frontier Airlines provides better facilities as well as more flexible options to cancel flights. In addition, the passengers will also get a full refund of their amount, even after 24 hours of purchasing their ticket. Also, there are no cancellation fees applied to passengers who have Business class tickets to travel on the flight.

  1. Customers will get a full refund of their money, even after 24 hours of cancellation.
  2. Also, passengers do not need to pay any cancellation charges to cancel their flight.

Methods To Cancel The Frontier Airlines Flights

With the help of two ways, passengers can cancel their Frontier Airlines flight. Here, we will share the step by step guide on each solution. So, follow each step carefully to complete the flight cancellation process.

Flight Cancellation Online

The steps are as follows to cancel a flight ticket online:

  1. Go to the Frontier website and log in with your account.
  2. After that, move to the My Trips tab to continue.
  3. Then, you need to select the flight you want to abort.
  4. Follow all the instructions that are on your screen to complete the cancellation process.
  5. Lastly, pay the cancellation fees (if applicable).

Cancelling Frontier Airline flight Via Call

Another option is to call the Frontier Airlines customer service number. Follow the below steps to cancel the flight ticket via calling (Offline).

  1. Navigate to the official website of Frontier Airlines and get their customer service number.
  2. After that, call to customer service number.
  3. Then, provide your booking details to the representative.
  4. Now, follow the executive’s guide to cancel the flight and ask about the charges, if any.

That is how you can use both methods to cancel Frontier Airlines flights. Kindly keep all your booking information ready when moving forward to cancelling your flight.

What is Frontier Airlines’ Refund Policy And Eligibility?

Frontier Airlines cancellation and refund rules can depend on the type of ticket you have and when you are requesting Frontier flight cancellation.

Cancellation Within 24 Hours

The 24-hour free cancellation rule applies to each ticket type. However, you need to make sure that the ticket has been done at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure. Also, the passengers will get a full refund if they cancel the Frontier flight within the initial 24 hours.

Frontier Flight Cancellation After 24 Hours

As per the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy, the refund can vary on each ticket type after canceling the flight after 24 hours after purchasing the ticket. Let us share the tickets that are refundable and non-refundable.

  • Non-refundable tickets: Basic and Economy tickets are non-refundable, so the passengers will not get a full refund of their amount. Instead, they will get the flight credits to book Frontier flights in the future. These flight credits will be valid for 12 months from the issued date.
  • Refundable tickets: Premium and Business class tickets are refundable, and passengers will have a high chance of getting a full refund. Moreover, customers can get the flexibility to cancel their flight at lower fees or without any fees.

Applicable Fees On Canceling Frontier Airlines Flight

The frontier flight cancellation fees depend on how soon you are requesting flight cancellation to the departure and ticket type. We know that Frontier Airlines flight ticket cancellation doesn’t apply any fee if the flight cancels within 24 hours of booking. However, there is a fee associated with some ticket types for canceling a flight ticket after the initial 24 hours.

  • Basic and Economy tickets: The cancellation fees will be from $39 to $79, depending on when you want to cancel your flight. Like, if passengers cancel their flight at the last moment, the fees will be higher.
  • Premium Tickets: In addition, the cancellation fees for premium tickets are lower as compared to basic and economy classes. Moreover, the exact fees can vary depending on how soon you request flight cancellation.
  • Business Tickets: There are no cancellation fees if you have a Business class ticket to travel with Frontier Airlines.

How Does Frontier Airlines Calculate Cancellation Fees?

Almost all airlines calculate the flight cancellation fees on two factors, type of ticket and time when they cancel the flight. Frontier Airlines cancellation policy has different rules for each flight ticket on which behalf they calculate the exact cancellation fees.

Type of Tickets

  1. If you have a basic or economy class ticket, a higher fee will apply on canceling the Frontier Airlines flight.
  2. However, the premium tickets have lower fees if we compare them to the basic or economy cancellation fees.
  3. The Business class tickets do not have any cancellation; passengers can freely cancel their flight.

Flight Cancellation Time

  1. The flight cancellation is free if passengers cancel within the first 24 hours of booking. It applies to every ticket type, even if you are traveling in basic or business class.
  2. After 24 hours, the fees can vary depending on how soon you cancel a flight to the departure. If you cancel a flight at a closer time to the flight departure, the fees will be higher.

Special Scenarios

Well Frontier Airlines also provides a full refund in case of medical emergencies and bad weather conditions. Let’s understand the documents needed for requesting flight cancellation to Frontier Airlines.

In Case of Medical Emergencies

Frontier Airlines will provide the full refund to the passengers after a complete documentation process, such as hospital records or doctor’ notes. In this case, you can contact the Frontier Airlines customer service team to provide the required documents.

Due To Bad Weather Issues

Customers will get a full refund of their amount in case Frontier Airline cancels the flight due to bad weather conditions. Moreover, they also offer a rebooking facility to the passengers if the flight is cancelled due to bad weather. Besides this, it doesn’t apply any additional charges as well on rebooking a new flight.


Passengers will get higher benefits and avoid extra charges after understanding the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy before traveling. Also, we have discussed the fees and stepwise ways to cancel Frontier Airlines flights. To get more information regarding the Frontier flight ticket cancellation process, you can navigate its official website.

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