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Southwest airlines name change

How To Change/Modify Name On Southwest Flight?

Are you worried because of entered your misspelled or wrong name on the Southwest Airlines ticket? Don’t worry, as Southwest Airlines allows passengers to make changes to their ticket name. For this, customers must understand the Southwest name change policy guidelines to know what kind of changes they can make and the stepwise procedure to do it. So, this blog will become a boon for the customers who are searching about Southwest airlines name change.

Know All About the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Southwest Airlines has featured some guidelines on which behalf passengers can request a name change. Before you move towards changing your name, kindly understand the below guidelines.

  • Southwest name change policy doesn’t allow passengers to change their whole. For this, you foremost step is to cancel the flight and rebook it with your correct name.
  • Moreover, customers can easily make some character changes in their first, middle, and last names on the flight ticket.
  • As per the Southwest name change guidelines, the passengers can correct up to three characters in their last name.
  • The full name change only allows in the conditions of marriage and divorce. Also, you need to provide the related documents, such as a marriage certificate, etc.
  • If your first, middle, and last names are mixed up and you want to correct them, you need to connect to the Southwest Airlines customer support executive.

Name Changes That Are Allowed By Southwest Airlines

The passengers can make changes to their name, but they won’t request an entire name change on the flight ticket. To proceed with changing your entire name, customers must cancel and rebook their flight with the correct name. Let’s take an overview of allowed name changes on the Southwest Airlines flight ticket.

  • If the name has minor spelling errors, you can request for the name alteration.
  • To correct your nickname to a legal name.
  • Missing surname or middle name and you want to add it.
  • Alter your first to last name or vice versa.

If you are required to make such changes in your name, you can freely apply for the name change request. However, you also need to submit the documents for these changes that we are going to discuss in the next section.

Needed Documents To Approve Name Change Request

Passengers are required to submit relevant documents to process the name change request. For this, take a look at the below-shared list and know what documents you need to keep ready when requesting a flight name change.

  • Customers need to submit a government-issued identification if they want to correct misspelled names or other typo mistakes.
  • Moreover, keep your marriage certificate ready if you want to make changes due to marriage.
  • In case divorce is the reason for your name change request, then you need to submit a divorce decree to proceed further with the name change process.
  • For the legal name change, you must provide the legal documents that the court issues.

If you want to request a name change and have all the related documents, the process will become too easy. Let us briefly understand the stepwise procedure of Southwest Airlines to change your name on the flight ticket.

How Do You Change Your Name On The Southwest Airlines Ticket?

Customers can use two ways to change their name on the Southwest Airlines flight ticket, online and offline, as per the Southwest name change policy. First, we will share the steps to request for name change online, and then we will learn the steps for the offline process.

Changing Name On The Flight Ticket Via Online

  • Open up the Southwest Airlines website on your device.
  • Thereafter, move to the Manage Booking section.
  • Then, enter your six-digit reference code and last name to proceed further.
  • Now, tap the Retrieve Booking option and then click on the Change Name.
  • In the Change Name section, modify the name that you wish to do in your first, middle and last name.
  • After that, pay the name change fee and fare difference to submit your request.
  • Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

Flight Name Change Request Through Offline

  • First of all, you have to connect with the Southwest Airlines customer executive.
  • Provide a six-digit reference code and the correct name to the representative.
  • After that, the executive will ask for the required documents. Kindly submit them to move forward with the process.
  • You can also connect to an airline booking agency, like Airlines Help, to make changes to your flight ticket name.

So, that is how you can change your name on a Southwest flight ticket online and offline. Moreover, the Southwest Airlines name change policy offers customer-friendly services, ensuring they manage their booking without a single issue.

How Much Fees Does Southwest Apply For A Name Change?

If we talk about the fee structure of Southwest Airlines for name changes on the flight ticket, it varies from passenger to passenger. Now, we will discuss it in detail so that you can easily understand.

  • All passengers can freely change their name on the flight ticket within the initial 24 hours of purchasing.
  • Moreover, a certain may apply to the name change in case you are unable to make changes within 24 hours.
  • Most importantly, the passengers also need to pay fare difference in some scenarios.

There is no exact fee structure for Southwest Airlines; it might be particular for each one, depending on their fare type and time when they are requesting. So, if you want to know the exact fee, we suggest you ask the customer representative or contact an airline ticket booking agency.

Wrapping Up

With the help of this blog, we share some important guidelines of the Southwest Airlines name change policy and steps to change your name on the ticket. At last, we urge customers to read all these points before requesting a name change and make your process easy.

If you need any help regarding flight booking, cancellation, name change, etc., call us at +1-888-918-5556. We offer 24/7 customer support to the passengers and make their flight booking tasks in a minimal time. Follow our Facebook page to get latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the name on a plane ticket through Southwest?

To change or modify your name on a plane ticket, contact the +1-888-918-5556 or Southwest Customer Care. Make sure to provide the accurate information and correct supporting documents.

How do I change my name on my Southwest account after marriage?

To change or modify your name on a plane ticket after marriage, contact the +1-888-918-5556 or Southwest Customer Care. Make sure to provide the necessary documents.

How much does it cost to change a flight on southwest?

If you cancel or change your flight within 24-hour of booking then Southwest airlines does not charge any penalty.  To get any help for flight booking and cancelling, call at +1-888-918-5556.

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