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Delta name change

What Is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?

Being one of the highest-rated airlines Delta has set a level in the aviation sector. Delta Airlines offers various services for the comfortable and convenient travel of its passengers. However, there can be chances where a passenger may have entered the wrong name on his/her flight ticket. This can cause problems during the trip so, therefore Delta offers a name correction policy. Delta Name Change policy has certain criteria that the traveler must fulfill to get the benefit of the policy.

Delta Airlines’ Name Change Policy Overview

The airlines allow travelers to make small name corrections without additional fees. However, some name changes, like switching to another passenger, are not allowed. Here are the rules for the Delta name change and correction:

  1. Delta change name option is provided to Delta 006 ticket stock.
  2. Passengers can apply for the name change from anywhere around the world.
  3. You can change your name only once on the reservation.
  4. After the name change, the same passenger on the original booking should be the flier.
  5. The Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) information must remain the same as on the original booking.
  6. However, after requesting a check-in for the flight name change procedure is not allowed.
  7. Passengers can ask for assistance from Delta Reservation if they want to change their name under the following situations:
  8. The traveler has made reservations on other carriers like Korean Air, Air France, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic, or KLM.
  9. If a traveler wants to correct more than 3 letters in his last name.
  10. If the booked itinerary includes travel to or from India or China.
  11. Whereas, the passenger wants to make changes to his/her name a second time on the same ticket.

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What Are Delta Airlines’ Name Change Criteria?

Delta Airlines’ name change policy also varies according to the type of ticket. There are different name change criteria for each ticket. Here are the following bases under which passengers can change their names according to their tickets:

  1. Basic Economy or non-changeable ticket holder are allowed to correct their name during the 24-hour risk-free period.
  2. With a non-refundable ticket, passengers can change their flight by paying the difference in price plus a change fee that, depending on their travel route, can range from $0 to $400.
  3. Refundable tickets, however, do not require additional fees to accommodate name changes.

Allowed Name Changes And Correction Under Policy

Delta Airlines allows the following changes and correction of the name per passenger. The following changes are:

  1. Passengers can only correct minor spellings
  2. Customers are allowed to make adjustments to their name due to marriage, divorce, or official name change.
  3. They can also correct the order of their first and last name.
  4. Passengers can make changes in their last name
  5. As per the policy, you can change 3 letters in your name.
  6. Travelers can make changes to the first or middle name.
  7. Delta allows this change, however, the initials of the name shouldn’t change.
  8. They can also add a last name without changing the name.

What Is The Required Eligibility For Delta Airlines Name Change?

According to the policy, a passenger is eligible to change his/her name on the reservation for the following reasons legal name change, marriage, or divorce. However, they have to keep given below rules in mind:

  1. In Case of legal name change, passengers must give proper government documentation, such as a court ruling or legal notification.
  2. However, in case of marriage traveler must provide a marriage certificate to have their name changed on their tickets.
  3. If a passenger wants to change his/her name on the ticket due to divorce. Therefore, they must provide the divorce decree, the legal notice, and any other pertinent documentation.

How Can You Change The Name On The Delta Airlines Ticket?

Delta Airlines has provided various methods through which a traveler can modify his name on the ticket. However, They can proceed with the name-changing process on the ticket through the airport counter, Delta’s official website, or via call.

Steps For Changing The Name From The Airport Counter

To modify their name on the booked ticket at the airport, passengers have to follow the given steps:

  1. The Passenger must visit the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  2. Then, visit Delta Airline’s counter and request for “Name Change”.
  3. After that provide the asked details to the executive, including your “full name” and “confirmation number”.
  4. The executive will search for your flight details. After the details are found provide the correct name.
  5. Meanwhile, the passenger has to provide the necessary ID proof to confirm the name.
  6. At last, To complete the process pay the required fare differences and the name change fees.

Name Modification Through Delta’s Website

A Traveler can also change his name on the ticket by using the official website of Delta Airlines. With the following steps, you can make changes to your name:

  1. First, visit Delta Airlines’ official site.
  2. Then, Click on the “My Trips” option on the homepage.
  3. Next, Enter the details such as “Ticket Number”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Confirmation code” and click on continue.
  4. After that, Your reservation details will be shown on the screen.
  5. Then, select the edit icon and you will be provided options for making changes to your itinerary, flights, and personal information.
  6. For correcting the name choose the third option, changes to personal information.
  7. After that, Make the required corrections according to the airline’s name change policy.
  8. Next, travelers have to provide legal government documents, travel documents, and other proofs to support the change.
  9. At last, you have to confirm the changes and pay the applied charges.
  10. Then print the reissued ticket.

Delta Name Change Via Call

You can also correct your name under Delta’ Name change policy by calling the airline’s customer care. Here are the following steps through which passengers can request for name change via call:

  1. First, contact the airlines at +1 800-221-1212.
  2. Then, Follow the IVR instructions to connect with the airline’s executive.
  3. After that ask the executive to modify your name.
  4. Send flight details to the executive to confirm whether the passenger’s reservation is eligible for a name change or not.
  5. Provide the correct name along with proof and pay the name change fee.
  6. After the completion of the request, the passenger will receive a confirmation mail.

Important Note: Customers owning SkyMiles account can also call at +1 800-221-1212 for Delta SkyMiles name change. They have to share their SkyMiles account details to process your request.

What Is Delta Airlines’ Name Change Charge?

Delta Airlines allows name change without paying any extra charges if the customer processes its request within 24 hours of booking. Meanwhile, it is applied to both Delta Airlines’ domestic and international flights. However, if the customer requests a name change after the risk-free period, then they have to pay additional charges.

Delta Airlines can charge USD 75 to USD 400 for changing the name on the reservations. The name change charges variation depends on the following: Flight route, Type of ticket, and Time before flight departure.

Is Transferring The Delta Airlines Ticket To Another Person’s Name Permitted?

Delta Airlines does not permit the transfer of tickets to another person. However, It also doesn’t allow to change the entire name. Delta allows only the original passenger to travel even after the name modification. It also considers the full name change on a flight reservation as a prohibited practice. Therefore, If a passenger wants to fully modify his name on Delta Airlines bookings, then they have to cancel it and rebook it.


We hope now you have a very well understanding about the Delta airlines name change policy. In this article, you have learned, how you can change your name on Delta flight ticket using different methods easily. To get any help or to cancel your flight, call +1-888-918-5556.

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