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Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

What Is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes, some unwanted conditions occur and due to this people need to cancel our flight. In this article, we will tell you all about the Spirit airlines cancellation policy like what it is, how to cancel, cancellation fee, and how to get a full refund.

So, read the full article carefully and learn the complete cancellation process.

Spirit Airline is known as the ultra low cost airlines in United States. The headquarters of Spirit airlines is situated in Dania Beach, Florida. A lot of people use Spirit airline to go from one place to another due to its low cost fare.

Without any further delay let’s start with what is the Cancellation Policy of Spirit Airline.

What Is Spirit Airline Cancellation Policy?

Spirit airlines cancellation policy offers you the facility to cancel your flight ticket and get a refund. There are different cancellation policies that we discuss in this post. Please check them.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your flight ticket with in 24 hour cancellation policy then you are eligible to get a full refund. In such condition, spirit Airline doesn’t apply any penalty or fees for cancelling.

Apart from this, if you cancel your flight ticket after the risk free period then you need to pay some charge.

Cancellation Due To Medical Condition Like Death And Illness

The second cancellation policy is medical or illness condition like death and illness. Means, if there is any death condition in your family then in such condition you also eligible to get a full refund. But in such condition you need to submit the certificate in Spirit Airlines Office. Then the airlines customer executive verifies the document and if the document is ok, you will get your refund.

Your refund money will be received in the actual form of that you use for purchasing the ticket.

Due To Military/Court/Government Orders

If you received an order from the military, court, or have any government order then you can cancel your flight and get a refund.

Flight Cancelled By Airline

If the airlines cancel the flight itself in such condition you can ask to cancel your flight and get a refund. Apart from this, you can also take another same day flight, arranged by the airline.

Flight Postpones Condition

If your flight postpones more than 2 hours, you are eligible to cancel your flight and get refund.

Bad Weather Cancellation Policy

If the flight cancelled by the Spirit Airlines due bad weather in such condition airline won’t chare any cancellation fee.

Last Minutes Cancellation Policy

Last minutes cancellation policy provides you the facility to cancel your flight at the last moments. But you need to pay cancellation charges as per the airlines guidelines.

How To Cancel Your Spirit Airlines Flight?

Spirit airlines cancellation process is very simple and a quick task. You can easily cancel your flight within a few minutes. You can cancel your flight through website and via mobile. Here, we will tell you all the possible ways to cancel your flight.

Please follow the given instructions to perform the cancellation process.

Cancel Your Flight Through The Website

  • First, go to the Spirit Airlines official website.
  • Then click on My Trip tab given in the menu.
  • Enter your details like name (first and last) and ticket confirmation number.
  • Select the flight that you want to cancel or modify.
  • To check the change option, scroll down your screen.
  • Click on the cancel flight option to cancel your flight.

This is how you can easily cancel your Spirit Airlines flight easily through website.

Cancel Your Flight Through Chat

You can also cancel your flight through the chat with the Spirit Airlines representatives. Just go to the chat option and ask them to cancel your flight. He will ask your details and your flight details. After getting the details, the airlines representative processes your cancellation process.

Cancel Your Flight via Mobile

It is one of the easiest ways to cancel your Spirit Airlines. Yes, you can cancel your Spirit Airlines using your phone. Dial Spirit Airlines customer service number and ask them to cancel your flight.

Apart from this, you can also send a message also to cancel your flight. To cancel your flight using message, type your message and text at 48763. You can even WhatsApp them at 855-728-3555.

You can also contact any guest service agent to cancel your flight from local airport.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fees

Whenever you cancel your flight, you need to pay some money as cancellation charge. Cancellation charges are different. Normally, it’s up to $69 to $119 in Spirit Airlines.

However, for 24-hour cancellation policy, you don’t need to pay nothing. Here, we give a table of cancellation fees that you can check.

Time (Days) Fees
60+ days Free
31 to 59 days $69
7 to 30 days $99
0 to 6 days $119

Note: The charges that show in the table are on a per person basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Will Spirit Refund my money if I cancel?

Answer: Yes, Spirit Airlines refund the money after flight cancellation but it depends on the condition on which policy your cancellation comes.

Question: How much is the Spirit Cancellation fee?

Answer: Please check the given table for Spirit Cancellation fee.
Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees

Question: Can I cancel my flight within 24 hours Spirit Airlines?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours Spirit Airlines cancellation policy and get a full refund.

Question: What is free on a Spirit Flight?

Answer: If you are traveling on Spirit Flight then you can bring the given items with you.
Infant diaper bag
Assistive devices
Outer garment like coats, hats, wraps.
Apart from this, you can also get reading material and food with you in Spirit airlines.

Note: This article is information purposes only. We are an independent travel agency provides flight booking, canceling, name change and other services regarding Flight travel.

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