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frontier airlines pet policy

What Is Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States due to its budget-friendly fare classes. Whereas the airlines have set various policies to help their customers while booking a flight. Meanwhile, when passengers want to travel with their pets, the airlines have made a pet policy regarding pet travel. Additionally, Frontier Airlines’ pet policy permits travelers to travel with their animal companions. Whereas, Pets can travel in the flight cabin but they can’t fly on cargo or as checked luggage.

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To make sure that the travel arrangements are handled effectively and there is enough room for the pet, it is best to make early reservations for pets with the airline.

What Are The Rules of Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Frontier Airlines allows pet animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and other small house birds on its flights. Additionally, It guarantees comfortable and safe travel. Meanwhile, here are some guidelines that travelers should know under Frontier Airlines Pet Policy:

  1. Frontier Airlines does not permit pets animals on Air Cargo or as checked luggage.
  2. Pets should not eat or drink anything before four hours prior to the flight departure.
  3. If the Pet travel is one-way, so directional charges should be paid in advance during the reservation.
  4. The travelers must review the itinerary to get information about the laws, rules, customs, and government limitations of the destination country.
  5. Pet containers are permitted on flights for a maximum of ten.
  6. Under its Pet Policy, the airline has the right to reject accommodations for a pet in the cabin. In case proper documentation is not provided or the pet is judged to be hostile or disruptive.

In-Cabin Pet Policy of Frontier Airlines

Travelers can carry their pet animals along with them in the cabin on Frontier Airlines. Additionally, in order to abide by the airline’s rules, customers must carefully read the instructions and the list of permitted pet animals.

Pets permitted in the Carrier

According to Frontier Airlines Pet Policy, these pets can travel in the flight’s cabin.

  1. The traveling pet dog or cat must be at least eight weeks old.
  2. Dogs that are trained as service animals are permitted to fly for free in the passenger cabin.
  3. It is legal to transport pets inside the US, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and small house birds.
  4. Travelers can only carry domesticated dogs and cats on international flights, both ways.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy Travel Requirements

When taking a pet on a trip, the following rules will be in effect:

  1. All the domestic flight carriers of Frontier Airlines accept pets in the cabin.
  2. There is a one-way pet fee of USD 99 for people traveling within the country.
  3. The frontier pet travel charges depend on the route for international travel.
  4. Pets can only travel on international flights that depart or arrive in Mexico or the Dominican Republic.
  5. Each person may bring one pet carrier per reservation.
  6. If bringing a pet on a trip, the passengers cannot quit the first row or sit in the first.
  7. In the event of a disruption, it is the traveler’s responsibility to calm the pet.
  8. Ensure your pet is inoffensive, odorless, and needs no care during the travel.

Frontier Airlines’ Travel Restrictions For Pets

Travelers can travel with their pets on the flight but Frontier Airlines has set some restrictions. The breeds of animals restricted by the airline’s pet policy are: Big birds, such as cockatoos, parrots, macaws, and raptors, Beavers, ferrets, rodents (including mice, squirrels, and rats), and reptiles (including snakes), Insects (including spiders) and Amphibians. Additionally, big wild creatures such as tigers, bears, and lions.

For the convenience and safety of other passengers, here are some restrictions that travelers must follow on the airlines’ carrier:

  1. Travelers cannot take their pets in the cabin to destinations like Australia, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Dakar, Dubai, Jamaica, Barbados, and the Republic of Ireland.
  2. For the pet’s comfort and safety, it must always stay inside the travel container.
  3. Traveling with a sedated pet is not advised since tranquilizers have potentially fatal effects at high altitudes.
  4. Don’t bring food or water for the pet on board to prevent discomfort from the motion of the airplane.
  5. Codeshare flights do not permit pets.

Required Documents for Pet Travel on Frontier Flights

Travelers must provide proper documentation for both themselves and their pets while traveling with them. Additionally, they must have the following paperwork with them, so Frontier Airlines permits their pets to travel. Here are the documents that must be carried during the pet travel:

  1. Travelers have to show health certifications attesting to the pets’ lack of parasites or their treatment for them.
  2. Important information such as the owner’s name, address, country of origin, country of destination, and animal species must be listed on the health certificate.
  3. Travel documents are very important, particularly if a passenger is traveling from Mexico to the Dominican Republic.
  4. The traveling pet should be vaccinated with the PIP, hepatitis, and leptospirosis vaccinations for travel.
  5. The animals must receive a rabies vaccination up to thirty days prior to the planned departure, but no later than one year prior to the trip.
  6. Pets that obtained their rabies vaccination fewer than 30 days prior to their trip date are required to show proper documentation.

Size of Pet Traveling Container

The size of the container must allow the pet to stand, lie down, and turn down in its natural position, according to Frontier Airlines’ pet policies. Furthermore, Here are the guidelines regarding the size and dimensions of a Pet Traveling Container:

  1. Travelers must carry their pets in a traveling container which should be a soft-sided case.
  2. The carrier needs to be able to slide under each passenger’s seat.
  3. The animal must travel in the container painlessly the entire time.
  4. A pet container may not be larger than 18 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 8 inches in height.
  5. There is no allowance for the pet carrier as checked luggage.
  6. Frontier Airlines’ pet policy specifies that the container can be either a carry-on bag (which cannot be larger than 24 x 16 x 10).
  7. The carry-on luggage is subject to an extra charge under Frontier’s checked baggage policy.

Pet Booking Process On Frontier Airlines

Select the “Add a Pet” option during reservation to include the pet. Here, we give some simple steps to make a reservation for pet.

Steps For Making Reservations For Pets During The Booking

By following these instructions, travelers can add a pet ticket on Frontier Airlines at the time of booking:

  1. First, search the Frontier Airlines website.
  2. Then, After selecting “Book a Flight,” provide the required information, including the start and end locations, date, time, and the traveler’s name.
  3. After that, passengers can enter details about their pet by selecting the “Cabin Pet” button.
  4. Next, Based on the route and destination, enter the pet’s breed, age, and required documents, such as a health certificate, vaccination record, and Rabies immunization.
  5. Pay the fees for pet transport.
  6. Lastly, the airline will approve the request once the details have been verified.

Steps To Make Reservations For Pets In Existing Booking

The travellers can add their pet reservation if they already have exciting booking.

  1. First, go to the “Manage my Trips” option given to the menu.
  2. After that, to access the reservation, enter the passenger’s last name with the six-character confirmation code.
  3. Then, Select the trip that you would want to request by clicking on it.
  4. Next, the traveler has to select the necessary service by clicking “Add Special Services.”
  5. Enter the pet’s information like breed, age, medical records, immunization history, etc.
  6. After that, pay the Frontier Pet charge and follow the steps provided on-screen.
  7. Lastly, the airline will register pet travel requests.


This blog is for providing information regarding the pet policy guidelines. You must follow these guidelines while traveling on the Frontier Airlines flight to avoid any problems during the travel. Apart from this for any query, you can contact with the airlines contact support number.

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