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united airlines pet policy

How To Travel With Your Pet In United Airlines?

Travelers must be aware of United Airlines’ pet policy to be permitted to travel with their furry friends on the flight. The purpose of this United pet policy is to outline all the rules about animal travel, including safety measures and weight limitations. Additionally, it contains important standards, such as travel documentation and acceptable breeds. United Airlines permits in-cabin pet travel but it does not allow pets on the cargo.

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Basic Regulations of United Airlines Pet Policy

Depending on the type of companion passengers have, there are certain basic conditions to ensure safe United pet travel. The basic regulations of United Airlines pet flight policy are as follows:

  • Only reservations made directly with the airline are eligible to have animals added.
  • As per the airlines, pets are only permitted inside the cabin.
  • Travelers can only bring dogs and cats on board.
  • Depending on the amount of room available, pets will be accommodated.
  • They will be assessed a price for their travel.
  • To guarantee a seat on the aircraft, passengers must register their pet in advance.
  • The domestic country restrictions under this policy take precedence over the general regulations.
  • Travelers with reservations from third parties need to get in touch with those agents.
  • It will also be necessary for you to provide a few required papers.
  • Passengers must bear the duty for their companion’s well-being.
  • Pet owners must check in their animals within the allotted time frame.

United Airlines In-Cabin Pet Travel Rules

United Airlines allows in-cabin pet travel if guidelines are followed. Here are the rules for traveling with a pet in the cabin:

  • United Airlines pet rules, the pet container should be either soft-sided or hard-sided.
  • Meanwhile, the soft-sided carrier should be 18 x 11 x 11 inches. However, the hard-sided carrier should be 17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches.
  • Traveling domestic animal should remain inside the kennel under the seat in front of you during whole flight travel.
  • United Airlines has not set any weight limit for the in-cabin animals.

United Airlines Pet Cargo

The United pet cargo policy has been updated, and it no longer allows animals in the hold. Only Military personnel will be the lone exemption. Here are the rules for United Airlines Pet Cargo:

  • Employees are permitted to check their dogs with United.
  • At least ten days before the departure of the aircraft, the animals must be registered for travel.
  • This pet travel service is only available for reservations made through
  • The owners’ reservation ought to have been made by now.
  • It is necessary to submit the PCS orders, health certificates, and other necessary paperwork.
  • Depending on where travelers plan to arrive, they may bring up to 2 or 4 pet companions.

United Pet Cargo Weight And Size Restrictions

Despite being restricted to military personnel only, this freight transfer feature has a weight and size restriction:

  • Cargo traveling pet’s maximum weight should not exceed than 99.9 pounds.
  • The dimension’s limitations that apply to animals inside the cabin still apply.
  • If the animals don’t weigh more than the allowed amount, each crate can hold one or more of them.
  • Pets transported by United Airlines must adhere to IPATA shipping agency requirements.

United Airlines Service Pet Policy

Service animals are accepted for transportation by this carrier in order to provide handicapped people with a comfortable ride. They must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The Pet ought to receive training from a qualified expert.
  • At all times, the animal need to be able to help its owner.
  • The following conditions can be assisted by service animals: Physical disabilities, illnesses related to the brain, senses, mental health, psyche, and other areas.
  • The service animal should have received individualized training.
  • These kinds of United pets need to be older than four months. Additionally, a passenger can only bring two service dogs.
  • The animal has to take a seat on the ground. Additionally, the pet shouldn’t be siting close to the exit rows.
  • It is not allowed to take up space on the aisle or next to the travel. Meanwhile, use of kennels and containers is limited to tiny dogs.
  • Travelers should provide their pet’s health documents.

Restrictions For the Service Animal

United Airlines has set some restrictions regarding the travel of service animal which the travelers should keep in mind.

  • Dogs that are not yet trained will not be permitted; only fully trained dogs will.
  • Service animal category will not include therapy animals.
  • The emotional support pets can’t take advantages of being service animal.
  • Other animals may be carried in accordance with United Airlines’ general pet policy.

United Airlines Pet Container Requirements

Your companion carrier must meet the airline’s regulations in order to be allowed on board. Among them are:

  • Dogs ought to be housed in structures with sturdy sides.
  • Cats should be transported in soft-sided crates.
  • The space designated beneath the passenger seat should accommodate the container.
  • There should be adequate room for the animal to sit or stand, and it should be well-built.
  • There should be no leaks in this United pet carrier.
  • It must be sufficiently secure and have the right locks.
  • It must be impossible for the animal to leave the interior.
  • This airline only allows one animal per crate, regardless of size or age.

What Are the Restrictions on United Airlines’ Pet Policy?

There are no breed restrictions for animals traveling with this carrier. Nevertheless, there are a few circumstances under which your pet animal may not be allowed:

  • If your pet is ill
  • When the pet’s cleanliness is inadequate
  • In the event that a medical expert determines that traveling is risky
  • Considering that accurate medical condition data cannot be supplied

Documents To Be Submitted While Flying With Pets

This airline must ensure that your animal’s travel is appropriate. The following documents must be submitted in order to accomplish this:

  • Medical records demonstrating the:
  • Admission date
  • Recent vaccinations’ expiration
  • Official documents attesting to the health of traveling pet
  • Evidence of rabies vaccine in dogs
  • reports on general health from a certified veterinarian

Forms To Needed To Be Filled For United Pet Travel

You must complete specific forms in order to travel with dogs on United Airlines under this category. These documents will ensure their secure transportation:

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Service Animal Relief Attestation Form
  • The U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form
  • Submission of additional information according on the nation’s internal animal laws.

How To Check-in Pet For United Airlines Flight?

In accordance with United Airlines’ pet policy, passengers can check-in their pet animal for the flight carrier with the following steps:

  • Arrive at the airport by the check-in times specified when making the reservation.
  • Then, find and visit the nearest United Airlines check-in counter.
  • After that, please present the ticket confirmation number for both you and your pet.
  • Next, the email confirmation that you received at the time of booking contains this number.
  • Lastly, it will receive a label and bag tag at check-in.

What Is United Pet Fees?

If you would like to use this carrier to transport companions, you will need to pay the United pet fee:

  • The following will cost you USD 125:
  • for In-cabin pets each way
  • If a domestic aircraft has a layover longer than four hours
  • For international flights having more than a 24-hour layover.
  • Bookings made offline may be subject to an additional service fee.
  • Depending on their national policies, several places may charge different fees.
  • It is not free to cancel your pet’s reservation without canceling your own.


This blog is for providing information regarding United Airlines Pet Policy. You must follow these guidelines while traveling on the United Airlines flight to avoid any problems during the travel. Moreover, you can go with the airline to help regarding the cancellation policy, baggage policy, and reservations. Apart from this, customers will be provided 24/7 customer support from airlines help.

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So, if you have any questions or want assistance booking the cheapest flights, changing tickets, canceling flights, or other tasks, then you can reach us at +1-888-918-5556.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets permitted on United Airlines?

The airlines allow us to bring a pet on any United or United Express flight, as long as our destination permits it.

How much United Airlines Charges for a dog?

The airlines charges USD 125 each way for allowing pet travel.

Is there a refund for the United pet fee?

For a one-way cost that is paid at check-in, you can reserve space for your dogs and cats to travel in the cabin. There is a $125 per pet fee, with a maximum of eight pets per kennel. This pet fee cannot be changed to a different flight or date or refunded.

How to add a pet to a United Airlines’ flights?

We can add a pet our United Airlines flight reservations by visiting My Trips option on the airline’s website or United App. Additionally, you can do this by calling the airline’s customer service number as per the region.

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